About our Club

The Christchurch Hobbyist Beekeepers' Club has been active for over thirty years. During that time, it has provided support for beekeepers in and around the Christchurch area, regardless of the scale and size of their beekeeping operation.

In academic circles, a hobby is defined as a 'specialised pursuit beyond one's occupation, a pursuit that one finds particularly interesting and enjoyable because of its durable benefits'. A hobbyist, then, is someone who undertakes an activity because they want to, not because it provides their main source of income. There is little doubt that beekeeping is enjoyable and our longevity as a Club is proof that beekeeping is a durable, lifelong hobby. And as for the benefits of keeping bees? Well, a mouthful of fresh golden honey straight from the hive, must surely be one of life's best little pleasures!

Our Club is run by volunteers, although it does have a formal structure and a set of written rules that describe the way we do business. A copy of these rules is available HERE. The Club also has a formal Committee, which is elected by the members every year at our Annual General Meeting. The Commiteee looks after the business side of things on behalf of the members and makes sure that the Club continues to run smoothly and efficiently from year-to-year. The Committee members do this work voluntarily for the benefit of the Club.

We have a dedicated apiary or site where we meet for our Field Days. Weather permitting, these are usually held in the afternoon of the first Saturday of the month. The Club has a number of hives and these are the definite focal point at our meetings. Our Field Days are social affairs and provide a great opportunity to meet other beekeepers and learn about different aspects of beekeeping. Check out the FIELD DAYS page on our website for further information.

Our Club is a friendly one and you are welcome to come along and find out more before you decide to join us. Of course, we hope that you will enjoy your visit and decide to become a member. This is because our members are our greatest asset. Their collective knowledge and expertise is probably one of the best beekeeping resources in Canterbury and the South Island, if not the whole of New Zealand. Rest assured, however, that our Club is not just for beginners, nor restricted to experienced beekeepers. We welcome beekeepers of all shapes and sizes, whatever their level of interest because we believe that we can all learn from each other. And besides, the bees have all the real expertise.

If you have an interest in bees and want to know more, come along to one of our FIELD DAYS or contact the Committee for further information. We know you won't regret it.

Here are ten+ good reasons why it makes sense to belong to our club:

  1. The Club provides an established social network for beekeepers
  2. The Club provides beekeepers with a sense of identity and belonging
  3. The Club's Field Days are a great way to learn new skills and meet other members
  4. The Club members have an incredible amount of collective knowledge and expertise which is available to other members
  5. The Club publishes a member's newsletter up to four times a year featuring news, information and advice on local beekeeping matters
  6. The Club provides access to a restricted members-only interactive website
  7. The Club holds an extensive collection of books and bee-related journals, magazines and articles. These are available for loan to members without charge.
  8. The Club offers special members-only training and events
  9. The Club owns a number of extractors and other equipment that is available for hire by members only
  10. The Club has a number of member only Special Interest Groups dedicated to particular aspects of contemporary beekeeping
  11. Members can also join the club Facebook page!