Sept 2011 Field Day

Making frames

Homemade tool for clearing wax from the grove in the frame

Homemade tool for clearing wax from the grove in the frame. Put one end in a vice and drag the frame along to clear wax in preparation of fitting the new foundation.

Using Tools in vice to clear wax in frame

Using Tools in vice to clear wax in frame.

Wiring frame

Wiring frame:

Some tips said on the day:

1. Use square nails as this stops the wire for slipping round the nail.

2. Nail on side, use nail that just protude right through wood. Normal put on edge of frame.

3. To step wire from eating into the wood around the hole use staples.

4. Clamp the nail (after the wire has been wrapped) with lineman pilers. This bends over the sharp end so it can come out.

5. The long board you can see between the frames is used to tension the frame (so that the wire will be looser). Bend in the centre of the frame and tighten the wire.

6. For an old wired frame that is loose twist alaong the wire. Putting kinks in the wire will "thighten" it. This process is being shown by Jeff.

Mounting foundation in frame

Foundation tips:

1. There is a flat board under the foundation which the foundation is sitting on.

2. Jeff uses a motorbike battery (I use a 12V car battery charger) to melt the wire into the wax foundation.

3. Be careful to only melt half way into the wax.

4. For more control Jeff applies the 2 wire to smal parts of the wire instead of applying to the all the wire at once.


Some of the book from the library, ...and the new sitting that has just been built.

Field Day

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