• Bumble Bees by Harry Taylor.
  • Extraction and a new idea to prevent wax damage.
  • Creaming honey

Jeff Chandler also did embedding using wiring board.

Almost 90 attend the field day

All the club hives are opened and every one gets a chance to look and ask questions.

First time light smoker

First time lighting the smoker

A feeder permanently on the hive allows the scrap comb to be cleanup up by the bees. This one has a vent to carry mosture away from the hive, making it drier and warmer for the bees.

The inside of the feeder.

Bee grub with Varroa. Not many around this year, but care and treatment still needed!

Wiring boards examples

Rob and Kevin have been around for a while.

Another wiring board.

Vanya at the Library

Derek's Honey Creamer, homemade

Creamer with Instructions:

"This machine is a paddle creamer

It rotates at 18 revolutions a minute using an electric motor geared down by an 80 to 1 reduction box. It is cutom made using off-the-self parts sourced in Canterbury. It will cream about 15kg of honey at a time but to get the best result the honey should be poured in slowly. I operate it over two days for one batch using 30 minutes on then one hour off (to rest and release air that may have got trapped). It could be done quicker!"