Join a SIG!

As the club grows, we are adding Special Interest Groups ( SIGs) that meet on their own schedules, to meet the growing and diverse needs of our membership.

SIGs can be set up for a limited time for a specific project or can exist for longer periods, depending on need.

Do you have a beekeeping project that you would like to work with other members on? Form your own SIG and we will post it here.

Joining a SIG is a fine way to make a difference to beekeeping in Christchurch

Here are the SIGs:

contact the club committee

  • A&P show - this group is set up each year in August to rim the bee booth at the A&P show
  • Natural BeeKeepers SIG
  • Communications SIG - help with newsletter
  • Information Technology SIG - interested in the intersection of High Tech and beekeeping? Helping with the club web site? Google technology?
  • Neighborhood groups - want to meet beekeepers who live nearby & coordinate bee treatments, etc? One example is the Bryndwr Brotherhood of Beekeepers Start your own neighborhood SIG!
  • Do you have your own idea for a SIG ? Members of the SIG must be members of the club to have your SIG listed here.