The Journal of the Christchurch Hobbyist Beekeepers' Club is written by volunteers from within the Club. Our Editor aims to produce up to four newsletter each year. Wherever possible, these are published in January, April, July and October. The Journal usually includes information about the Club, news and notices from the Committee and Members and a range of other helpful and informative articles and reviews. The Journal exists for the Members and the Editor is happy to include any items, ideas, suggestions and photographs contributed by members. Please email the club if you would like to submit material for the next edition of our newsletter.

In the past, our Journal was printed in hard copy and posted to Members. The advent of professional quality desktop publishing and broadband internet access means that we now prefer to publish the Journal online as a PDF document. This can then be viewed online or downloaded and printed according to individual preference. The Journal is presented as an A5 booklet so that two pages appear side-by-side when printed on an A4 sheet in landscape view. The PDF document is designed to be printed in a back-to-back format and folded into a booklet. The Club appreciates that a few members do not have access to the internet and these members continue to receive a printed copy through the post. While this causes some additional cost, the Club is keen to make sure that these members are kept well informed.

Scroll to the bottom of the page to download a copy of our newsletters. The latest edition was published on 1st Oct0ber 2011.